Shipping Info

⭐ From where Watch Alliance is shipping?

  • We dispatch products from all over the world, usually straight from the factories. This way we can keep the prices low.

⭐ What are shipping times and do you have tracking?

  • Shipping time is usually 14-30 days, to EU, US and Canada. To Russia it might take sometimes 5 days more. Other countries may more. 
  • Remember that sometimes shipping can take few days more because of holidays like Christmas etc. If you don't get your package on time, don't hesitate to contact us, so we can get it sorted out.
  • 90% of cases we use tracking so you can track your package.

⭐ Do you ship in my country?

  • We ship worldwide. Where ever you live, we will ship to. (currently only Planet Earth locations)

⭐ What is the Watch Alliance's shipping costs?


⭐ I made an order of few items and got them on different packages instead of one.

  • Yes if you make an order that have several products, sometimes we ship them from different locations. This way you can get portion of your order faster. :)

More info about shipping or other questions?
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